Parking Lot Cleaning Schedule

Below is the link to the parking lot cleaning schedule. Our landscapers will be blowing and cleaning parking areas based on this schedule. To avoid your vehicle being covered in dust etc. we recommend you move your vehicles based on this schedule. Signs will be posted in various areas the day before to remind everyone.

Parking areas 2019

April/May Newsletter & CCIG Newsletter

April/May Newsletter: Vol. 14, Issue 3

Click here to download/save a copy of this newsletter. 

The Annual HOA meeting was held on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Your new Board is:

  • Lofton Petty – President
  • Susan Schubert – Vice President
  • Melissa Anzman  – Treasurer
  • Joni Lacey– Secretary
  • Gwynn Palace – Member at Large

Thank you to all the residents who attended and to those who raised their hand to volunteer, Remember, we can always use talent on our various committees. To volunteer please contact


  • Annual Shred Event. Saturday – May 4, 2019
  • Community Planting

New Residents: Welcome to the community. Complete your Resident Information Packet to obtain access to amenity keys and important resident information (including Rules & Regulations) . Important HOA news can be found on the website:

Office Update: The Canyon Club Office is currently closed.  The best way to reach the office for general questions is by email:


Effective March 1, 2019: Checks are not accepted nor processed through the Canyon Club office. All payments and questions (HOA dues, fines, etc.) should be directed to LCM: 303.221.1117.

Payments can be mailed to:

Canyon Club HOA
C/O LCM Property Management
PO Box 5568
Denver, CO 80217-5568

Include your 4 or 5 digit account number on your check


With so many credit card scams, merchants and credit card companies are looking for ways to make credit card transactions more secure. So are consumers. One powerful solution is probably in your wallet, in the form of a thumb-size metallic square on your credit cards. The square is a computer chip, which turns your credit card into a chip card and makes it impossible for hackers to clone credit cards.

Unlike the magnetic stripe on traditional credit cards, chip cards don’t store sensitive information. Instead, each time the card is used, a unique transaction code is generated. If hackers intercept that transaction, they will not be able to use the code again.

As advised by the Denver and Greenwood Village Police Departments – DO NOT USE YOUR DEBIT CARD – that is your money you are risking. It can take up to a month to have funds returned to your account.

It’s hard to resist feeding the wildlife but please DON’T, for their health and your safety

  • The native animals who live here, including rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife, need nature’s diet to be healthy.
  • Human food and pet food are “junk food” for wildlife. well-intended handouts may cause disease, injury, and even death for the animals.
  • Providing unnatural food encourages wildlife to congregate in large numbers, leading to territorial fighting, attacks by predators, and being hit by cars.

Animals you feed today may be killed as “pests” tomorrow. Don’t harm wildlife with your kindness…help them remain healthy, safe, and free.


Canyon Club counts on our residents to help keep us informed of issues in our community.

You are our eyes and ears. If you have concerns, questions or suggestions for maintenance please communicate them through the HOA office by sending an email to Maintenance emergencies must be called into the maintenance emergency line at 720-385-8158.

We are continuing to have drain backup issues throughout the property. What you can do to help keep this from happening:

Be aware:  Watch what you are putting down the drains, grease, animal proteins, fibrous vegetables should never go through your garbage disposal. In fact, a garbage disposal is only intended for bits left on plates after scraping them off in the trash can.

Pay attention: The only product that can safely be flushed down the toilets is toilet paper.  Cotton products, “flushable” wipes, and even Kleenex should not be flushed, they are not designed to dissolve in water like toilet paper.

Be proactive: Once per month, pour one ounce of Drain Defense by ZEP down each drain and sit for the day. Drain Defense is not a clog remover, it is an enzyme that will eat away at all the grease and bathroom tissue build up on the pipe walls. It is safe for all pipes, new and old, and costs about $10 at Home Depot for a 64-ounce bottle.

What Maintenance is doing:

  • Bollards placed in areas where there is vehicle damage to roofs
  • Working with the new landscape company on start-up
  • Testing irrigation lines to prepare for Summer
  • Planning and managing the annual planting project
  • Snow removal and mitigation
  • Sewer line maintenance
  • Daily property maintenance


Pick-up after your pets or incur a fine. It could be your pet that tracks waste into your home so be kind and just do it! PICK IT UP!

Stay Connected:

To be added to the email distribution list please send an email from the account you wish to subscribe with to with the subject line “Subscribe Me to Mailing List”. We will not share your information. This is the best way to stay informed.

Rules & Regulations:

available on the website or from the office – it is your responsibility to know and follow these rules & regulations. “I did not know” is not an excuse.

Attend the HOA meetings to hear about all community topics and projects.
BUDGET QUESTIONS – Your monthly dues are used for all community issues including but not limited to:

• General Maintenance/Sewer/ Pest control

• Pool/Hot Tub/Fitness Center
• Game room & Game spot

• Landscape /Snow Removal/ Mowing
• Concrete and Asphalt

• Gas, electric, water, sewage, storm drains, recycle & trash

• Accounting and Legal
• Insurance/ Office / Employee expenses

Timely payments keep our community projects and expenses on track.

RECYCLE your waste, save the planet and help keep costs lower. please remember trash cannot go into the recycle bins. If trash is put in these bins it contaminates the recycle material and then it all must to the trash.
Large item pick-up is $15 per item and must be called into the office and payment made before items will be collected.

CCIG Newsletter


Annually your Board of Directors purchases insurance for the condominium association that covers the buildings, personal property of the association, general liability on the common areas, fidelity coverage and directors’ and officer’s coverage. As unit owners, it is important that you maintain your own insurance to cover unit item s that are your responsibility as detailed in Canyon Club’ s amended declarations and insurance and maintenance chart, your personal property and liability exposures that are not covered under your association’ s master insurance policy.

If there were a covered property loss at Canyon Club, the master association’ s policy would rebuild the basic structure. The insurance and maintenance chart states that the association provides “bare walls” coverage on the interior meaning that in the event of a covered loss we will rebuild to the drywall and subfloors.

When obtaining an individual unit owner’s insurance policy, if living in the unit, you need to obtain an HO6 (Condominium owner’ s) policy. The HO6 should include these four basic coverages: unit coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage and loss assessment. The unit coverage should cover items specified in the declarations as the responsibility of the unit owner including window treatments, floor coverings, appliances, cabinets, counter tops, bathroom fixtures and any improvements/betterments made since original construction. Personal property coverage should include all furnishings and clothing. This coverage should be written on a replacement cost basis. Make sure the limit is adequate to cover the replacement of all your furniture, clothing, kitchen wares including dishes, pots and pans, CDs, towels and linens etc. The unit owner needs to purchase liability insurance for anything that occurs within their unit. When someone enters your unit, the liability exposure becomes yours. Finally, loss assessment coverage applies if you are assessed by the association for an under insured covered claim or the deductible portion of a claim. Most HO6 policies include one thousand of loss assessment coverage. The association has a 3% wind hail deductible which could result in an individual assessment of $4,395 and a $10,000 property deductible which can be assessed to a unit owner. To raise your loss assessment to $5,000 to cover the wind/hail deductible should be a minimal annual cost. Make sure to check with your personal lines agent to see what is available and that there are no sub-limits or special endorsements needed to cover either deductibles.

If renting the unit out, you need to purchase a rental condominium policy (landlord’s policy). The landlord’ s policy should offer unit coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage as well as a loss of rents in the event the unit must be vacated while it is being repaired/rebuilt.

We recommend that each unit owner take pictures or videos of the inside of your home and store them somewhere away from your home. In the even t of a loss, th is makes claims handling much easier.

If you have questions regarding the association’s insurance you can reach our agent, Pat Wilderotter, at 720-212-2065. To request a ceriificate of insurance, please email your request to or fax your request to 303-799-0156 attn: HOA Dept.

Updated Rules & Regulations and Architectural Guidelines

Important Update:

Effective today, April 1, 2019, Canyon Club Condos has approved updated Rules and Regulations and updated Architectural Guidelines. Please be sure to read the updated rules and guidelines. It is each owner and tenant’s responsibility to understand and comply with these regulations from here forward.

You can review the updated documents on our website at or through these direct links:

Thank you,