Aug/Sept Newsletter

Canyon Club HOA Community News: August/ September Vol. 14 Issue  5 Our Community Newsletter

Community – a group of people living in the same place.

BUDGET APPROVED 2020 Thank you to those who participated in the budget meetings and provided your recommendations to the Board of Directors.

A Budget Ratification meeting was held August 20, 2019 and the FY2020 Budget was approved. Homeowners will receive notification of their individual increase from LMC and the rate increase will start October 1, 2019. The average increase is 3%. The increase in utilities and insurance alone raised the budget $25,800. The committee and BOD worked to keep the assessment increase to a minimum.

Planning at Party? Need extra space for a holiday event? Hosting a shower? Did you know, you can rent the Canyon Club Clubhouse. To request a space reservation, complete the rental form found on www.

Stay Connected – to be added to the email distribution list please send an email from the account you wish to subscribe with to with the subject line “Subscribe Me to Mailing List”. Be included on all important messaging regarding our Community. We will not share your information. This is the best way to stay informed.

Interested in participating in a Happy Hour tour? You and your home would host a 20 minute stop on the Happy Hour tour. You choose what to serve and then the group moves on. To participate contact When: Sept 21 – 6pm to ?

Closing documents to keep after closing: A guide to the closing documents you should keep after you buy your house—and what you can get rid of. Read on for tips.

Keep…for one year

  • Utility bills: At the end of the calendar year and once you’ve matched actual expenses to those that appear on your bank or credit card statements, you can toss utility bills.


  • Home improvement purchases and receipts: They’re helpful to demonstrate appreciated value to future buyers.
  • Insurance policies: Store these vital documents in a safe spot so you can access account numbers and coverage limits, as well as agent contacts, at any time.
  • Mortgage documents: Keep any mortgage paperwork you get when purchasing your home. Even if you pay off your mortgage, you’ll receive a release or certificate of satisfaction; keep that, too.

Keep…until you sell your home

  • Closing documents: Retain a copy of any document signed during your home’s closing as a backup.
  • Abstract, title, appraisals, and deed: Retain your own record, which outlines things such as legal boundaries and the history of your home.

Keep…until it expires

  • Home warranties: Again, store in a protected location that you’ll remember so you have access to coverage and limitations.

MAINTENANCE ISSUES: Canyon Club counts on our residents to help keep us informed of issues in our community.

You are our eyes and ears. If you have concerns, questions or suggestions for maintenance please communicate them through the HOA office by sending an email to Maintenance emergencies must be called into the maintenance emergency line at 720385-8158.

What Maintenance is doing:

• Irrigation repairs • Front entrance update • Repair and replace retaining walls • Repair and replace fencing • Pool repairs • Preparation for roofing replacement • Sewer maintenance • Daily property rounds

POOL REMINDER –Pool Hours are 10:00am-10:30pm – (when the pool lights shut off at night the pool is closed, please respectfully leave the pool deck). Security cameras are in use for the safety of all residents.

Using the pool after-hours is considered trespassing which can result in loss of amenities use and/or criminal charges. Please call DPD non-emergency, 720.913.2000 to report the issue. Please follow the rules so you can enjoy the pool all summer.

PET WASTE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Pick-up after your pets or incur a fine. It could be your pet that tracks waste into your home so be kind and just do it! PICK IT UP!

SCHOOL is back is session – Please obey stop signs and speed limits. Several school districts have bus stops located directly at our entrance.

New Residents: Welcome to the community. Complete your Resident Information Packet to obtain access to amenity keys and important resident information (including Rules & Regulations) . Important HOA news can be found on the website:

Rules & Regulations: available on the website or from the office – it is your responsibility to know and follow these rules & regulations. “I did not know” is not an excuse.

Attend the HOA meetings to hear about all community topics and projects.

BUDGET QUESTIONS – Your monthly assessment (Dues) are used for all community issues including but not limited to:

BUILDINGS • General Maintenance/Sewer/ Pest control

RECREATION FACILITIES • Pool/Hot Tub/Fitness Center • Game room & Game spot

GROUNDS • Landscape /Snow Removal/ Mowing • Concrete and Asphalt

UTILITIES • Gas, electric, water, sewage, storm drains, recycle & trash

ADMINISTRATIVE • Accounting and Legal • Insurance/ Office / Employee expenses

Timely payments keep our community projects and expenses on track.

RECYCLE your waste, save the planet and help keep costs lower. please remember trash cannot go into the recycle bins. If trash is put in these bins it contaminates the recycle material and then it all must go to the trash. Large item pick-up is $15 per item and must be called into the office and payment made before items will be collected.