Hillcrest Update


 Project Contacts

MWH is in the process of hiring a new communications liaison to replace Casey Corrigan. This person will serve as the liaison for neighbors with questions regarding the Hillcrest Project. Gianna Lombardi will be replacing Julie Seagren as your Denver Water contact. The updated contact information is provided below.

Pipeline Work

The installation of the new pipeline running behind the homes along South HillcrestDrive is nearly complete. The remaining 40 feet of pipe will be completed this spring after other construction activities in the area are completed.

Return of the Construction Crane

MWH is scheduled to bring back the large construction crane on Aug. 23 to help with the removal of a water tank on-site. The crane is anticipated to be on-site only for the day.

Construction Progress and Stockpile Update

During the demolition of the existing concrete storage tanks, asbestos was discovered in a small area of concrete supporting the foundation of one of the tanks. As a precaution, and to ensure the safety of our neighbors and workers, tank demolition and stockpile removal and backfill work was halted and the issue was immediately reported to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Denver Water and MWH isolated and covered the area of concern in accordance with CDPHE containment standards.

Denver Water and MWH are working with a third-party contractor specializing in environmental remediation to develop a sitewide sampling plan to confirm that the asbestos has been confined to its original location. We expect CDPHE approval of the plan within the next week and completion of site sampling and analysis over the next two months. CDPHE will review the final sampling analysis to ensure the site is safe before resuming work. Pending the results of the sampling, we expect tank demolition and stockpile backfill work to resume this fall.

General Construction Hours

General work hours are 7 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday.

No Saturday work is currently planned, but it will continue to be an option that MWH and its subcontractors will use when necessary to keep the project on schedule or at times when the additional work could result in condensing the overall construction timeline. Saturday work hours will be consistent with weekday hours, 7 a.m.-6 p.m

Questions? Please contact:

Gianna Lombardi

Community Relations

Denver Water



Drew Franzen