COVID-19 Update #2

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COVID-19 Update – 2

As we all work our way through these unprecedented times, things are on a constant change.  The Board is constantly reviewing updates and what it means to our Association. Keep in mind we are still under the Safer at Home.

Maintenance continues to sanitize the mailroom and laundry rooms at least twice a day.

The office will begin opening on June 15th.  It will be open from 9 am to noon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Only one person will be allowed in the office at a time and they must wear a face mask.  If you enter without a face mask you will be asked to leave.  Unless you really have to go to the office for something, we recommend and encourage you to contact the office via phone at 303-757-8527 or via email at

Amenities, this has been a topic of much discussion by the Board. Based on the guidelines set forth by the state of Colorado on June 5, 2020, our Association is not able to meet these guidelines and standards without hiring additional employees, which is not within our operating budget at this time. 

Below are the guidelines as set forth by the state of Colorado on June 5, 2020.


  • Limit the pool to 50% capacity, up to 50 people, whichever is fewer.   
  • Encouraged to establish a reservation system to space out visitor attendance, aid in contract tracing if exposures occur, and to allow for equitable use of the facility.
  • It is strongly encouraged to limit pool activity to lap swim. If you permit open swim, make efforts to reduce in-pool interactions.
  • All frequently touched surfaces and shared objects such as handrails, chairs, and tables should be disinfected every hour between use.
  • Surfaces in restrooms and locker rooms should be routinely cleaned every hour.
  • Provide physical cues or guides (for example, lane lines in the water or chairs and tables on the deck) and visual cues (for example, tape on the decks, floors, or sidewalks) and signs to ensure that staff, patrons, and swimmers stay at least 6 feet apart from members of other households, both in and o of the water.

This includes any pool open to the public, including  but not limited to, municipal pools and homeowner association pools.

Fitness Center:

  • Limit indoor facilities to up to 25% capacity, or 50 people, whichever is fewer, per room, so long as people can stay 6 feet apart from each other. 
  • Use a reservation system or use pre-existing electronic capacity monitoring systems if feasible to space out and limit participants gathered at one time.
  • Discourage use of any shared equipment, and ensure all equipment is cleaned and disinfected in between each use.
  • Maximize ventilation by using fans and opening windows, wherever possible.
  • Provide access to hand sanitizer.
  • Request staff members and patrons wear face coverings when they can do so safely.
  • Post signs for employees and customers outlining good hand/respiratory hygiene and safety measures being taken. Signs should be in languages customers will understand. 

The Annual Meeting is being planned for July 21st.  This will be a virtual meeting via a platform using computers.  All the details will be announced through emails and a new mailing from LCM.  The Budget planning meeting is under discussion but will probably also be a virtual meeting.  No dates have been set for the budget meeting.

Maintenance continues to work on projects around the community along with their daily duties.  Please social distance and allow them to perform their work.

We want everyone to remain healthy and safe.  Please social distance when outside and wear a face mask.

Canyon Club Board of Directors and Staff