December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter: Vol. 13, Issue 5

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Save the date – The Annual Holiday Potluck will be held Saturday, January 12th!

SAFETY in the neighborhood – There have been several issues reported involving suspicious individuals knocking on doors and several auto break-ins and thefts.  Stay alert and report and suspicious activity to the police. Call 911 for an emergency.  Please follow-up with a note to the office.

Join Neighborhood Watch: Contact the office for details. If you see something say something.  Call 911 for emergencies. Non-urgent police matters? Call: 720.913.2000.

New Residents. Welcome to the community. Complete your Resident Information Packet to obtain access to amenity keys and important resident information (including Rules & Regulations) Please contact the office with any questions or concerns. – Current office hours are 2:00- 6:00pm – Monday-Friday.

Additional HOA news can be found on the website:

Stay Connected – To be added to the email distribution list please send an email from the account you wish to subscribe with to with the subject line “Subscribe Me to Mailing List”. We will not share your information. This is the best way to stay informed.


The Canyon Club Board of Directors volunteer 100% of the time that is spent supporting the operation, safety and well-being of our community. Other volunteers assist the Board’s efforts, yet more volunteers are needed! There is currently a temporary opening for a Board Member-at-large, until the Annual Meeting is held and elections occur. If you are interested in getting involved, serving the community’s best interests, please contact the Administrative Office for details.

Contact Canyon Club HOA: 303.757.8527

7 Ways to Prepare for a Winter Storm – This list covering driving, dress, and home will make sure you’re plenty prepared for any winter storm.

Keep these seven tips in mind to help you prepare for any unexpected weather:

  • Learn winter weather terms: Know what each winter weather advisory, watch or warning means and how you should respond.
  • Service your furnace: Have your furnace checked annually, especially if you rarely use it. You’ll want it to be in tip-top shape if you do need it.
  • Plan for back-up power for individuals requiring use of medical equipment.
  • Brush up on winter driving tips: If you are uncomfortable driving in snow and ice, avoid it whenever possible.
  • Keep the pantry stocked: It’s smart to keep your house stocked with groceries all winter long. Should the power go out, you’ll want to have plenty of extra water and nonperishable food that you can prepare without cooking.
  • Prepare emergency kits: Keep one emergency kit in your home and one in each family member’s vehicle.
  • Keep warm clothes on hand: Keep layers in your car, and make sure you have a large, water-resistant coat that can fit over several layers of clothing. You’ll also want a pair of waterproof boots that will fit over several pairs of socks.

Remember, animals get cold too. Do not leave your pets outside when the temps dip.



Canyon Club counts on our residents to help keep us informed of issues in our community.

You are our eyes and ears. If you have concerns, questions or suggestions for maintenance please communicate them through the HOA office by calling the office manager, 303-757-8527, email to Maintenance emergencies must be called into the maintenance emergency line at 720-385-8158.

Winter is upon us. The pool has been winterized and covered for the season, pool furniture put away, salt buckets placed around the property, and drain buckets set out to help control ice during snowmelt. Designscapes completed their final clean- up of the grounds last week.

Completed Projects this Fall

  • Built a 10’x12’ shed to house the pool furniture, pool cover, salt buckets and drain buckets.
  • Cleaned out and revived the stairwell at the point.
  • Inspected every stair tread in the complex. Roadrunner Fabrication repaired all bad/broken welds.
  • We have two bike racks for people to use, one is on the side of unit 82 in the courtyard and the other is in front of unit 128 by the laundry room. We are open to suggestions to place a couple more.
  • All services have been done on maintenance equipment including new rear brakes on the Ford.

We have also had a large influx of sewer backup problems again. I would like to remind everyone that our plumbing is 50 years old and to be cautious of what you are putting in it. Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper – including wipes, feminine products, or anything else! These products do not break down like toilet paper. Flush-able wipes and other cotton products also do not break down and cause clogs. Do not put fibrous vegetables, any kind of protein, or fatty/greasy foods down the garbage disposal. All these things will build up and cause a clog.

Roof & Hail Storm Update – The Board has hired Reconstruction Experts as our general contractor. Reconstruction Experts work with HOA Communities specifically. We have interviewed roofing companies and are in the process deciding on who will be selected.

We will reconstruct and repair several buildings after

the first of the year to understand all issues we are facing and develop a detailed timeline and estimate of costs and use this information to proceed with our claim.


Pick-up after your pets or incur a fine. Remember the new cameras are in place to catch those not following the rules. It could be your pet that tracks waste into your home so be kind and just do it! PICK IT UP!

Rules & Regulations – available on the website or from the office – it is your responsibility to know and follow these rules & regulations. “I did not know” is not an excuse.

 Attend the HOA meetings to hear about all community topics and projects.

 BUDGET QUESTIONS – Your monthly dues are used for all community issues including but not limited to:


  • General Maintenance/Sewer/ Pest control


  • Pool/Hot Tub/Fitness Center
  • Game room


  • Landscape /Snow Removal/ Mowing
  • Concrete and Asphalt


  • Gas, electric, water, sewage, storm drains, recycle & trash


  • Accounting and Legal
  • Insurance/ Office / Employee expenses

Timely payments keep our community projects and expenses on track.  

We have a new trash company starting in October – Waste Connections. You will see additional recycling totes around the area.

RECYCLE your waste, save the planet and help keep costs lower. please remember trash cannot go into the recycle bins. If trash is put in these bins it contaminates the recycle material and then it all must to the trash.

Large item pick-up is $15 per item and must be called into the office and payment made before items will be collected.