Hillcrest Water Update

Project Update 10-5-2020

Storage tank backfill

Backfill is now complete and the stockpiles have been removed. Cobblestone work was delayed due to some ductwork that needed to be repaired near the tanks. This repair has been completed and cobblestone delivery and installation are expected to begin this week.

New facility roads

Work on the new access road for the site from Happy Canyon Road has begun. Curbs and gutters have been placed and the paving will begin the second week of October. Once this road is usable, most truck traffic will be rerouted to this access point and away from the eastern side of the site. There is a new gravel access road being placed on the west side along Happy Canyon Road that has created a lot of beeping noise and dust. This work should be completed in the next two weeks.


Installation of the irrigation system is nearly complete, which was delayed by the winter weather conditions earlier in September. Prep work for the sod and seeding will begin this week, and we hope to begin planting trees by mid-October.


The permanent fencing has been completed with the exception of the gates, which were delayed due to a backorder on a part. This part has been shipped and we will be able to complete the gates in the next two weeks. The blue mesh has been transferred from the temporary fence to the permanent fencing and we are working to remove the graffiti from it now.

Dust mitigation

We are continuing concrete flatwork at the site to reduce the amount of dust in the area and will begin paving operations in early October. We will continue to have multiple water trucks on-site spraying as needed to mitigate dust issues in the area.

Road sweeping

We have reduced the street sweeping on Happy Canyon Road to two times a week and will continue to sweep on additional days as needed.

Work hours

We will continue to work on Saturdays with personnel arriving at 7 a.m. and equipment use beginning at 8 a.m. We do not anticipate working any Sundays for the foreseeable future.

Weekday working hours remain from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work to upgrade this important part of your water distribution system.

Questions? Please contact:

Amber Creasey

PR and Communications

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Community Relations

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