Monthly Assessment Payments


Attention Owners

Change in office procedure


Effective with the March 2019 monthly assessments the office will no longer be accepting any payments.  Any payments received in the office will NOT be processed or accepted and you will miss the payment date, resulting in late fees and interest. 

Following are payment options:

1)  Mail your check with the coupon provided to the post office box.  Make sure you write your account number in the memo section of the check.  Late charges and interest are posted on the 11th of each month, so make sure you allow enough mail time so it is processed by the 10th of each month.

2) You can set up with LCM to have them automatically debit your checking account of the 4th of each month.  This is known as ACH (Automatic Clearing House).  Forms can be found at – go to Owner Services, click on Owner Info Requests and Forms, then click on Auto Pay Request Form.  You will have to mail this form with a voided check to LCM.  If you have any questions, contact LCM at 303-221-1117, and speak to Julie at extension #119.

3) You can set up with your bank to automatically pay LCM directly from your account.  This is done by going into the bill pay section on your bank’s web page.

4) Last option is to go to and on the lower right hand side of the home page is a link to pay HOA Assessment by credit card or Echeck.  Please note there are fees for this service.

This change is a permanent change going forward.  It is owner’s responsibility to make sure payments are received on time.  Payments cannot be taken to the bank or LCM’s office.  Late fees and interest will not be waived for payments received after the 10th.


Thank You!

Canyon Club Board of Directors