Summer 2021

It’s finally here; we are opening back up!

On Friday, June 11, 2021 all of the amenities, excluding the hot tub, will be open for resident’s usage. The hot tub has been removed based on a number of factors; the cost to replace it, continued concerns about sanitation and the cost of upkeep.

Reservations for the Clubhouse may be made at this time and the application form can be found on our website:

There’ll be sanitation stations open outside the gate to the pool, near the restrooms and in the gym.  Residents are invited to use the amenities at their own risk. The CDC advises that fully vaccinated people may gather unmasked while non-vaccinated people and those not fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks.

Maintenance will be spraying down tables periodically in the swimming pool area and equipment in the gym as well.  Please observe the hours of operation for the swimming pool; 10:00am-10:30pm.

The Resident Information Packet was due at the end of February.  If it has not been turned in, you will not be allowed to use any of the amenities, per the Governing Documents of Canyon Club Condominiums;
Annually, every unit is required to complete and submit a Resident Information Packet. The completed packet is due in the Administrative Office by the end of February. Any unit without a completed, current year packet on file will have their amenities privileges revoked until such time as the Resident Information Packet is completed and submitted.