Weekly Update

  1. This weekly update will now only be posted on our Website with a hard copy also posted at the mailroom.  Please respond to this email or notify the office if you want to continue to receive this update via your email.
  2. All sprinkler system valves are being turned off.  Winterizing the system is tentatively set for the week of October 11th.
  3. Tree trimming was completed.  The tree trimming company is now working on removing several tree stumps on the back side of the property.
  4. The maintenance department truck (white Ford pick-up) will have a “new designated” parking spot.
  5. Please notify the office if you are interested in volunteering to shovel snow.
  6. PLEASE do not use the Pet Waste baskets for any trash other than pet waste.  We will be placing a waste receptacle back in the mailroom for your junk mail.