Weekly Update

The Board of Directors believes that each of you will enjoy and benefit from having more timely updates about our community. We are going to try sending a weekly newsletter. This newsletter will only be a bullet point communication of what occurred at Canyon Club during the past week in regards to maintenance, security, and projects and planning. It will not include any detailed information, it is meant only as a general information vehicle. We will have to develop new disciplines to keep up with a weekly newsletter. Since we volunteer our time  and most Board Members also have full time jobs, we can’t promise that this newsletter will come out at the same time each week but we will attempt to publish one each Tuesday. It will be posted at the mail room and be available on our website, http://canyonclubcondos.org/.
This introduction and the first update will additionally be emailed.

  • Last day for the pool to be open is this Sunday, Sept. 19
  • We are going ahead on a bid to improve our sprinkler system
  • We will soon be changing trash removal companies, specifics are forth-coming
  • We have chosen a company to prune some trees on the property, times and dates TBD
  • Tony is our only maintenance person as of this date

The fine structure has been updated and the Rules and Regulations are being updated and posted online. Starting with our new fiscal year on October 1, 2021 the new fine structure is as follows:

  • Warning letter
  • First fine: $75
  • Second fine: $150
  • Third fine: $225

The fine structure is being changed to more strongly enforce compliance with the Declarations, and Rules and Regulations of our Community Association.