Large Item Pick Up

Waste Connections have started picking up large items again.

Please contact the office via phone or email stating how many items need to be picked and what dumpster they are located by. We have to schedule this separately from our regular trash pick up because they use a different truck for this.

Also please note that there is a $15 fee for each item that gets picked up.

Please be aware that we have had reports of vehicle break-ins within our complex.

Please make sure that your vehicles are locked and all valuables are removed.

Please report any suspicious activity to 911.

B.O.D. Ballot Numbers

We wanted to send another Thank you to everyone that joined us for our annual Board meeting held via Zoom. It was a first for all of us and thanks to Melissa everything went very smooth.

We have heard that some people were wondering what the numbers were when it came to the voting for Board members. We had a total of 83 ballots returned and the results were:

Lofton Petty with 67 votes
Susan Paulin Schubert with 63 votes
Daniel Swannigan with 59 votes
Joe Holtman with 49 votes

Thank you again for everyone that participated and to the four of you that ran for the Board. Also another BIG Thanks to Melissa for all of her hard work on the Board and making our Zoom meeting run smooth.

Hillcrest Water Update

Project Update 8-14-2020

Tank backfill & stockpiles

Backfill around the tanks is now complete and the remaining stockpiles are expected to be gone by the end of August. There will be two days at the end of August during which the remaining scraper on-site will be used to flatten the area where the stockpiles were located.

Cobblestone work will begin around the tanks at the end of the month, which we anticipate will significantly reduce the amount of dust in the area.

New facility roads

Work on the new access road for the site from Happy Canyon Road has begun. It is expected to be completed and open for use by the end of September. Curbs and gutters on-site will be placed in the next two weeks with paving to follow in early September. Once this road is usable, most truck traffic will be rerouted to this access point and away from the eastern side of the site. The amount of dust will continue to decrease as flatwork for the new roads and concrete placement is completed throughout the site through the end of September.


The irrigation system has been installed along Happy Canyon Road outside of the fence. The remaining irrigation work for the site is expected to begin the week of Aug. 24 with completion expected by the end of September. Planting and seeding is still on schedule to begin in September.


The permanent fencing along Happy Canyon Road is expected to be completed by the end of August. As the permanent fencing is installed, the blue mesh fencing will be reinstalled to continue to mitigate the amount of dust from the site.

Dust mitigation

We anticipate the majority of the heavy dust will be reduced as backfill activities are completed. Remaining amounts of dust will continue to drop as we finish removing the stockpiles and laying concrete and flatwork at the site. We will continue to have multiple water trucks on-site spraying as needed to mitigate dust issues in the area.

Water main replacement project on Happy Canyon Road

The water main replacement project on Happy Canyon Road is progressing on schedule. The contractor is continuing to install the water main from South Hibiscus Way toward South Forest Way. We appreciate your continued patience as this important infrastructure project is completed. The construction schedule currently shows the Happy Canyon Road work will be completed in mid-September. For questions regarding this project, please contact Denver Water’s Customer Care at 303-893-2444.

Road sweeping

We are sweeping the street on Happy Canyon Road three times a week and will continue to sweep on additional days as needed.

Work hours

We will continue to work on Saturdays through the summer, with personnel arriving at 7 a.m. and equipment use beginning at 8 a.m. We do not anticipate working any Sundays for the foreseeable future.

Weekday working hours remain from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work to upgrade this important part of your water distribution system.

Questions? Please contact:

Amber Creasey

PR and Communications

MWH Constructors, Inc.


Gianna Lombardi

Community Relations

Denver Water