October 26, 2021

  • Thanks for your patience and flexibility during the trash removal change over.  It will take a few weeks to have everything running just the way we want it.
  • Organic material (grass cuttings, leaves, DOG WASTE) DOES NOT go in the recycle bins. PLEASE PLEASE use care and consideration when disposing of your trash.  We will be distributing a helpful flyer for further clarification.
  • All the lights in the complex have been inspected and are working properly.  There may be some that remain on during the day because of the solar sensor or because they are in a shaded area.
  • Most units do not have the ability to turn the porch light on/off, if you do please turn yours on after dark to help provide safety and security for you and your neighbors.
  • Gutter cleaning has begun.  We want them as clean as possible now so that if it snows, the leaves won’t get packed in and clog the gutters.  When the leaves are finished dropping we will clean the gutters again.

October 19, 2021

  • A friendly reminder that Wednesday is the transition to our new trash/recycle company.
  • We are putting the recycle trash cans back in the mailroom.  Please use those trash receptacles appropriately.
  • Colder weather is on the way so make sure to shut-off and drain any outside water sources.
  • You will soon notice the snow melt buckets are back in place.
  • We will be providing mats in the laundry rooms and mailroom that should help with preventing the floors from being slippery during the snowy season.

October 13, 2021

October 13-Pool winter maintenance

October 20-Trash/ Recycle switch to new company

Walkway repairs being scheduled

Plumbing issues being addressed

Please alert the office if your front light is not working so we can replace the bulb

If you wish to participate and welcome Halloween Trick or Treaters, please post this (link at the bottom of the page) photo in your front window or door so neighborhood children know where to trick or treat.  There are copies available in the mail room and you can email the office for one, too.

Welcome to our Maintenance Supervisor, Don and Maintenance Technician Eric. Don has more than 20 years of Maintenance experience and Eric has experience in plumbing, landscaping and general handyman work.

Welcome Don and Eric!


Weekly Update

  • Pool winterization scheduled for October 11
  • Minor concrete repairs are happening around the complex
  • We will be shutting-off various sprinklers in preparation of winterization of the system
  • Please shut-off and drain any outside water sources
  • Trash containers have been replaced in the mailroom
  • Lights are being inspected around the Community
  • Notify Amanda at canyonclubcondos@gmail.com if your front porch light is out
  • Schedule for fall:
    • First clean-up will begin the 3rd week of October
    • Pruning will begin in the 2nd week of November
    • Second clean-up the 1st week of December